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Inspection Pictures

What’s wrong with these pictures?

Some of these pictures have obvious issues, however some will challenge the untrained eye.

Buckets in AtticBuckets hanging in the Attic to catch water from the roof leaks?… Now why didn’t I think of that!

Sidewalk Water fallA sidewalk waterfall… some might call this a nice "feature" of this home.

During freezing temperatures, this water flow froze on the sidewalk and created a dangerous situation.

AC Unit has Inadequate clearanceAir Conditioners require adequate clearance to allow air flow for proper operation.

While this brick enclosure is nice for concealing an air conditioner for asthetic reasons, it will prevent it from performing as designed and make it nearly impossible to access for routine maintenance.

Supply duct to exhaust fanAn air conditioner supply duct is supplying air directly to a bathroom exhaust fan.


The service entrance cable (SEC) cleat is loose. If pulled away from the home the electrical service to the home would not only be most likely disrupted, but also create a very serious shock hazard.

What is not seen in this picture is the large oak tree that has not been trimmed and is pulling the electrical cable.

What most homeowners don’t realize is the electrical cable, mast, etc., from the street to the home is the responsibility of the homeowner where there is overhead wires. This can be a costly expense if not properly maintained.

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